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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

"North East Story" - One taste, your guaranteed to be hooked, wanting more... @joenessnyc

King of the North - Joe Ness

Brooklyn's Top Flight Indie Artist returns with some serious fiyah, and its about to be a wave.  One listen, and your guaranteed to be hooked, wanting more...  This Indie Musician has taken every element of creative aspects inspired by the majors, and is about to take "Indie Artist" Standards to a all time high!  

In 2012 Joe Ness dropped his single: Pilot off his Flight Class EP it campaigned into 2013 featured oBET, VH1 commercials, TIP DRILL Magazine & MORE.

Spring 2013 Joey shared a sample of his industry creative direction as he Acted out as a Plot Gang General in his short film music video "I Go To Work", a steamy gangsta short film with topless women moving white girl, not to mention featuring the Super Glamour Model Yves Nunez 

Joe Ness continued to drop periodically singles, and remixes, while behind the scenes he has been marinating, and the seasonings are impeccable.
The Wave is about to change, and Joe Ness is taking the lead!

"NorthEastStory" just a splash to give you a lil taste, and oh it's good...


Friday, April 20, 2018

High Times in Southern California, 420 Weekend is going up in Smoke! - #42ohCommunity

2016 High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup

As thousands of 420 Cannabis Cup goers planned for a 3 day 420 Weekend Celebration, the dream was crushed Late Wednesday as NBC network reported the Event was rejected on April 18th 2018.

Good News is there are a 420 events still going up in Inland Empire & Los Angeles area, and the West is Pulling up for one epic 420 weekend Celebration.  So if you hold a Marijuana Rec, and in SoCal these are the spots you wanna check out!

Celebrate 420 at the GRAND OPENING of @CelebritySmokeOut with #Twista, Ras Kass, Compton's Most Wanted, @Doobiegirls & more.  The Celebrity Smoke Out is a Launch sesh of the @DoobieLounge family of the DoobieSesh.  Event will be held at Status 12125 Day St., Moreno Valley CA.  You Can find local top quality 420 vendors, goodies, food, street brands, performances, good music & much more.  Smoke, Meet & Greet with Twista, smoking your favorite strains.

Free Tickets, & Last minute Vendors

Talk about a BIG DEAL!!!  The @theDoobieSesh is going for it's 4th run, with 2 pre soft launches, The mini fest is here for it's Official 3rd round the #420BLOCKPARTY a Doobiesesh Worldsesh collab, the Official Krush Groove Afterparty.  With West Coast Favorites MC Eiht, Compton's Most Wanted, Glasses Malone, Finnaticz, RJ Mr. LA, Mitchy Slick, Money B of Digital Underground, Ras Kass, Pomona Drey & many More pop up will be at the 2018 #420BlockParty.

The Unique organically grown sesh, is a mesh of Cultural type of vendors along with some of the best 420 vendors.  From Graffiti Artist, Ciphers, Beat Battles, Live Performances, Food, VIP 21+ Bar Sections, & so much more, this is one Sesh Fest you Don't Want to Miss!!!

What makes the Doobiesesh such a great brand is it revolves around the 420 culture, which is about art, music, performance, sound and everything that 420 brings in good health & living.  The Doobiesesh was born March 4th, 2018 at a small venue in San Bernardino.  It was a huge success in being a sold out event, and to mention in a last minute rainstorm.  The Doobiesesh was created by a local Marijuana Community Activist Freddy "42oh" Moh & a IE / LA Event company #M4 or #M4Eventz.  The Duo Welcomes all patients & 420 Community to a Great 420 Celebration Weekend in the Cannabis #42ohCommunity.

18+ w/ ID & Rec., or 21+!  Nothing for Sale, this is a Private Industry Affair Celebration, by Ticket Reservation / Purchase Only! 

RSVP for your VIP Ticket

VENDOR BOOTHS: https://doobiesesh3.eventbrite... | Info 310-722-6211
OPEN ACTS: | Juel 310-722-6211
MEDIA CREDENTIALS: | Mandiie Martinez 760-524-5745
MORE INFO & TICKETS https://doobiesesh3.eventbrite...
...a few attending talent drops

Sunday, February 11, 2018

#SheReady 🔥New Music by: #MikeFree @_dolo_solo_ feat. @DaveEast @Teeflii



Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Legacy lives on, and it's all Good Vibez! | #TheNewOFTB @lowkeyoftb @oftbkev

Kevin White 1969 - 2013, better known as Flip of the Lead Members of O.F.T.B. Hip Hop group, most popular in the 90's from Watts district, and South Los Angeles. There single: Crack Em debuted in the Above the Rim soundtrack in 1994. Kevin White was killed due to gang activity gun violence, and left two Son's Kevin White Jr., aka Flip & Brother Low Key. In 2017 a New Wave has been taking over in High Desert streets of southern Cali, called the New OFTB, finishing where there father left off, in the music Industry yet with a huge passion for success and positive vibes to enlighten their piers that no matter how hard the struggle, there is a positive WAY to reach there dreams.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Married 2da Money - @westcoastcizzle the HD's Hottest Indie Producer & Artist | #Cizzle

Married 2 Da Money (Mixtape shit)- Westcoast Cizzle Westcoast Cizzle, the hottest rapper in the High Desert, Inland Empire Cali, just dropped his new product Married 2 Da Money. No lie the homie Westcoast Cizzle is known for his Bangers, and stays cooking up Fire! Listen to Married 2 da Money by Westcoast Cizzle.

Set to Blow - a documentary story, for the community by: #AvLMKR @ComptonAV

"Mr. Run Me My Money" - @Comptonav "Your Show, My Story!" states Compton AV in his new show series "Set to Blow". Being influenced in the streets of Compton & coming up in the industry, AV has been rapping for 10 years hard in the paint. He tells the story behind the scenes to the streets of where he grew up for his fans. His journey is definitely a inspiration for the City of Compton, Los Angeles, West Coast, and beyond. Tune in to "Set to Blow" by Compton AV.

#Walk - @hennyhoes spits #Realtak delivering New Fiyah!!! | Young M.A.

Hardcore Rapper Young M.A. from New York City's Brooklyn borough drops new fiyah to her collection of hit singles. Her lead single “OOOUUU”, hit Billboard Hot 100 in Sept 2016, and was one of the year’s biggest rap hits. Keeping it 100% with her lyrical style and rhymes, she keeps her fans yearning for more #RealTalk. Young M.A. is not just a dope female rapper, she is a dope rapper period and she is killing egos through her music and flows! IG: Spotify: Twitter: Facebook:

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Going off! #Flowrunner - Jack Be, that's me! @jackbethatsme | @urbanminds_management

Jack Be is an unstoppable creative force. At the young age of 21, he has already been on tour, released several mixtapes, sung on national television in Europe, produced several video games, and -well frankly, the list goes on. Jack opens shows by singing opera and ends those shows shirtless and screaming his ass off. Jack wears a cute pink hat, and simultaneously spits the hardest rap verses you will ever hear. He is unflinching himself and that's why with little to no media coverage or publication he has still been able to pull together a strong and loyal fan base around him. Bookings / Management: PR / Media; #DreamTeam #M4

#Balance - November 30th @BlvckLefty of @YoungLads | @Urbanminds_management

"Hip-Hop will never die as long as I am alive. Sit back world and enjoy the ride!"- Blvck Lefty Dawning a self describe "Chill Dude" vibe with great work ethic, its not a surprise that he's compared to the likes of Common, D'angelo and Kendrick Lamar. Blvck Lefty's goal is to carve his own path to the top, hit your ears with great music and make a huge impact on the world, one household at a time. Blvck lefty is not just an artist, he's also a businessman and one of the Founders of Young Lads, a group of talented, hardworking individuals, with a passion, to reach one common goal! Young Lads is a label compromised of individuals who've been together since before High School! They're a group of Day 1's in a world where its Hard to discern between friends,enemies, frenemies. Young Lads are showing that its's possible to have long lasting friendships and a business built on loyalty and principles.

New Music; “Balance” - Available November 30th! Twitter: @blvcklefty Instagram:@blvcklefty

Welcome Home! Life is Wavy Baby - #WavyC @yl.carl | @younglads

"Life is Wavy Baby. The Waviest is Playa. So Nice you gotta say it Twice!" Playa Playa 90's baby, Wavy C born in Inglewood, Ca is bringing the limelight to the Inland Empire with his team Young Lads a group of Talented individuals. Growing up Wavy C spent his summer nights in Rusk Texas where his mother was raised. With an inspiration to be accepted, as an adopted child, wavy always put a foot forward in extracurricular activities such as dance, rap, singing, sports. Wavy C delivers westcoast, that feel good hip hop sound, with a touch of mainstream music. Listen to the EP Welcome Home. Wavy has performed live on stages across Cali with RJ, Young Dolph, Royce Rizzy, Cardi B, The Annual DIY Fest, and much more. Putting Moreno Valley on the map, Wavy plans to give back to his city- Through Adjust and Prosper Foundation' A Foundation created by him and his team Young Lads. "I'm a self-made Boss" speaks Wavy C." A boss that didn't have to rap about how many keys I sold, or how many bodies I had to lay down to get where I am.
"I want to be a fly boss. So when you see me i look good because I deserve it!" - Wavy

WELCOME HOME OUT NOW!!! Soundcloud@weareyl FACEBOOK @Carlcollins Twitter@Carlcollins Instagram @yl.carl Snap:@its_Carlton

#Famous & #Boyfriend - #NewMusic by The Bay's Sensation; @AzizaCree | @urbanminds_management @therealqnhannaz

"Sometimes men can be bitches 2!" - Aziza Cree Out of Oakland California, an otherworldly music has been born, and is spreading through streams like a Good Drug. From similar sounds of Rachelle Farell, Lauren Hill, and Whitney Houston, comes Aziza Cree.
"She is the King of Kings" - Aziza Cree Aziza Cree began vocal training at age 12, focusing on classical/opera music, and is musically mastering the art of a singer, rapper, song-writer, in creating her own phenomenal lane. Her style is eclectic mixing from folk, hip hop, jazz and r&b which creates a new wave of otherworldly music. Aziza's art is rebellious, unusual, revolutionary and progressive. Take a journey into a realm of music in it's most seductive art from with Aziza Cree. Bookings / Projects: NHannaSQuadEntertainment

Monday, October 30, 2017

Where in Virginia, can you see #PennyWise, #RickandMorty, #Spiderman & #Batman all in one place...?

Alright so where can you find all of these characters and also character cosplayers from all your favorite cartoons, comics, video games and horror movies before Halloween you ask? Okay, the answer is Hampton Comicon 2017. With three or four times the turnout of the original Hampton Comicon which the city of Hampton had for the time last year in 2016 brought by the same people who are behind VA Beach's Tidewater Comicon. The event was held at the Hampton Roads Convention Center on Saturday, October 21st.

Last year, I ended up noticing on Instagram and also being nearby while running some errands with my friend's nephew that this event was going on. We decided to go check it out and I found out the tickets were only $10 so what turned into a just only taking pictures outside of the Hampton Roads Convention Center turned into further curiosity as I paid for our tickets and walked around checking out all of the cool cosplayers and comic book writers and graphic artists. This year, I got to get a little insider perspective as I worked as a volunteer and my breaks consisted of eating a lunch I had packed and also walking around the event.

I used my phone to scan QR codes on phones, tablets and laptops and also collect paper tickets from people dressed as Superman, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Robin, The Joker, Rick and Morty, Spiderman, Star Wars, Star Trek and anyone from pop culture such as comic book characters, video game characters, movie characters and so forth.

Notable guests included artist of Marvel's X-Factor, Alien Legion & Tribe- Larry Stroman, artist Chris Giarusso, artist and colorist Tim Shinn, colorist Mark Roberts, guest cosplayer Viva Valentina, comic writer Brian Smith, artist Sam Ellis, artist Bill McKay, charitable Star Wars cosplay group- the 501st Legion, artist Tu-Kwon Thomas and comic artist, writers and creaters Rob Farinholt, Paul Gori, and more.

For more check out HERE AT HAMPTON COMICON

Make sure you hit the subscribe to Orrion Online. Thank you, I want to give credit for I did not record this video so I want to make sure they get love too.

Monday, October 23, 2017

#SoCals #LittestDJ Rocking the Hottest Events from IE - LA & beyond | @DJCharlieCinco

L.A.’s Littlest DJ, is becoming a Big deal, taking over the hottest events, concerts, festivals & more. DJ Charlie Cinco known to rock Shatter Cup stages, Celeb headlining event’s with Famous Dex, Cardi B, Jim Jones, Lil Pump, Joe Moses, Mozzy, YFN Lucci and many more. Keep a look out for DJ Charlie Cinco, the Littest DJ in Southern California & beyond.

Rock with Me on My Journey! - DJ Charlie Cinco

Snap: charlie cinco Bookings / Mngt: Top Class / M4 (323) 500-6303 | Music Campaign Services / PR / Media / Sponsors: JOR (310) 722-6211 | #RNRN Rated Next Radio Network - rnradionetwork@gmail.comRock with Me on My Journey! - DJ Charlie Cinco Snap: charlie cinco Bookings / Mngt: Top Class / M4 (323) 500-6303 | Music Campaign Services / PR / Media / Sponsors: JOR (310) 722-6211 | #RNRN Rated Next Radio Network -

@JustinTimberlake confirms he will be performing at the #SuperBowl Halftime Show in 2018 | @thehumormill

It’s official. Justin Timberlake tweeted on Sunday afternoon that he will perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2018. The game is set for Sunday, Feb. 4 at Minneapolis’ U.S. Bank Stadium.
Timberlake’s announcement was the latest installment in his ongoing bromance with Jimmy Fallon, beginning with the two of them asking “Do you have the time?” in jokey British accents, which evolves into “You’re doing the halftime show at the Super Bowl?!?!” and the pair jumping around in their familiar puppy-dog fashion. The two are on the set of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and Timberlake tagged the show in his tweet — and the game, to be held Feb. 4, 2018 in Minneapolis, is scheduled to be broadcast on NBC, thus future synergy between Timberlake, the show and the game is obviously in the works.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

MrOW Presents: Bringing the @Rain910 down! Who is @Rain910?

North Carolina's own Rain910, delivers a new project 'Who The F**k Are You To Tell Me Anything'. The album features a collection of songs over instrumentals from some of Rain's favorite & top Hip-Hop producers; The Alchemist, Madlib, Kev Brown, Phono, No I.D., etc. This album also features two bonus songs self produced by Rain910.

Rain910 "Who The F**K Are You To Tell Me Anything" Download Link:

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