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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

#Dream #Believe #Achieve - Take #Action | #TipTuesday #TheNEXT @juelsofrome @mrofficialwhistle

#TipTuesday Take #ACTION - There is no Success if you do not Take actions to Succeed The Steps we repeat is #Dream, #Believe, #Achieve, Riiii? But how about Action.. None of the the above comes into existence without the Action!!! Duhhhh riiii... lol so we all tend to freeze up! so here are a few ideas to help! 1) Dream - Must be realistic!!! - Think outside the BOX, be Different, Be YOU - Be Realistic, Your Dream should fit in the NEXT, meaning in living in a constant Revolutionary Breaking Technology global environment, it MUST be EPIC 2) Believe in your Dream & Yourself - Take action to educate, empower, meditate so you can grow toward your dream 3) Achieve - You must take the step forward! - Take communication classes to help or what ever class to assist you in your field of dreams.. ;) ABOVE ALL!!!! 4) TAKE ACTION!!!! - Nothing comes without putting the work in! MOST IMPORTANT!!!! - Be Supportive of others who support you, learn to network with like minded of people who are along side your lane & in your lane!!!! - They are keys to your growth! Competition only makes you work harder riiii? But most likely, NO ONE IS LIKE YOU!!! so even your competition, could be a cross marketing portal for you and likewise for them!!! Think SMART, STRATEGIZE! and Bigggg UPPS!! to MUCH SUCCESSS!!! Before we go, love to share a Colleagues experience that just happened!! ;) Howdy, Yup! This just happened. All anybody had to do, was take action for 30 seconds. The decision makers were in the room.

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